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I have also discovered numerous other ways of understanding this verse which also exclude the legitimacy of remarriage.

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Perhaps he has in mind a situation of unrepentant adultery, or desertion, or brutality.

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From the philological point of view there are accordingly very strong arguments against this interpretation of the clauses as permitting divorce in the case in which the wife was guilty of adultery.Listen to John Piper answer tough theological and pastoral questions.Read a short devotional from John Piper for every day of the year.Should acknowledge that the choice to remarry and the act of entering a second marriage was sin, and confess it as such and seek forgiveness.If I were to give exhaustive expositions of each relevant text the paper would become a very large book.

G-HOLA Piper PA-28 201T Turbo 28-7921040 Private G-HOSS Beech Bonanza F33A CE-1151 Private G-HOTA Evektor EV-97 TeamEuros3318 Private G-HTRL Piper.It is my own understanding of the Scriptures and therefore the guidelines for my own life and teaching and ministerial involvement in weddings.

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There will be, no doubt, many questions that can be raised and I hope to be able to learn from those questions, and do my best to answer them in the discussion that will surround this paper.

And he reinforces the authority of this statement by saying he has a word from the Lord.Eleven Reasons Why I Believe All Remarriage After Divorce Is Prohibited While Both Spouses Are Alive.Chinese Monks in India - (Cac Nha Su Trung Hoa O an Do) - Read book online for free.

Under these circumstances we can hardly assume that this word means adultery in the clauses in Matthew.I do not claim to have seen or said the last word on this issue, nor am I above correction, should I prove to be wrong.Also, remarriage seems to be excluded by verse ll the same way it is excluded in Mark 10:11-12.It teaches that betrothed virgins should seriously consider the life of singleness, but do not sin if they marry.It seems that the most efficient way to approach the issue is to simply give a list of reasons, based on Biblical texts, why I believe that the New Testament prohibits all remarriage except where a spouse has died.National Hispanic Heritage Month is absolutely beautiful in our library.

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I was bothered by the simple assumption that so many writers make that Matthew is simply making explicit something that would have been implicitly understood by the hearers of Jesus or the readers of Mark 10 and Luke 16.But I intend to respect the official statement (having written the first draft myself) as our guide in matters of membership and discipline.

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D-O presents the first official single from his EP, EVERYTHING PRETTY.But it certainly is not meaningless or, perhaps for some readers, pointless, for Matthew to make explicit the obvious exclusion of the case of fornication during betrothal.I was not unaware that among my people there were those who had been divorced and remarried, and those who had been divorced and remained unmarried, and those who were in the process of divorce or contemplating it as a possibility.

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It seems to me that the peace God has called us to is the peace of marital harmony.

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Rather it reaffirms that marriage after divorce is adultery, even for those who have been divorced innocently, and that a man who divorces his wife is guilty of the adultery of her second marriage unless she had already become an adulteress before the divorce.Since I first wrote this exposition of Matthew 19:9 I have discovered a chapter on this view in Heth and Wenham, Jesus and Divorce and a scholarly defense of it by A.

So Jesus is taking a stand against the Jewish culture in which all divorce was considered to carry with it the right of remarriage.Temporal frustrations and disadvantages are much to be preferred over the disobedience of remarriage, and will yield deep and lasting joy both in this life and the life to come (Matthew 5:29-30).The upshot of that crucial experience was the discovery of what I believe is a New Testament prohibition of all remarriage except in the case where a spouse has died.

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Fifty men and women set out in the twenty-third century from Earth aboard an interstellar craft to travel to a.Isaksson agrees with this view of porneia and sums up his research much like this on pages 134-5 of Marriage and Ministry.The question nags at me why Matthew would not use the word for adultery, if that is in fact what he meant.Hope everyone had a great weekend and are getting ready for turkey day:) My family had an early Thanksgiving because my baby.A common objection to this interpretation is that both in Matthew 19:3-8 and in Matthew 5:31-32 the issue Jesus is responding to is marriage not betrothal.Nevertheless, in spite of these pressures, he calls this second marriage adultery.


The paper you hold in your hands is NOT the official church position on divorce and remarriage.No exceptions are explicitly mentioned that would suggest she could be free from her husband to remarry on any other basis.Promises are to be kept, and the union is to be sanctified to God.

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Separation is permissible if the unbelieving partner insists on it.This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with. almost no restrictions whatsoever.

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