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Unable to resolve host name

I know I can do this by running hostname ourwebsiteLIVE etc. in our IP-swapping script, and have already implemented this.Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox ( see an example ).With our symlinks set, the directory listing might look like.Hi Kristof, LanGuard will use the host name of the machine to be scanned and lookup the IP.This is the most likely fix, since the OP is able to ping machines by IP address.

The gethostbyname function cannot take an IP address string as a parameter passed to it in the name and resolve it to a host name.

"Unable to resolve host address" -- What's happening

How do I transfer my How do I transfer my Teamspeak Failed To Resolve Hostname Fix You. to-our-VPN-servers-they-are-unable-to-resolve-host-name.

(Solved) Teamspeak Failed To Resolve Hostname Tutorial

We are having an issue where one server is unable to resolve hostnames.

Mailing List Archive: unable to resolve host by name: (11001)

Mailing List Archive: Unable to resolve host name.

Plesk installation failed: Unable to resolve host name

ping cmd does not resolve host name - Toolbox for IT Groups

Basically the error means that your browser was unable to to find the Site.This site is not affiliated with Linus Torvalds or The Open Group in any way.Creating symlinks is very fast so you can probably recreate them when you want to swap versions with the site under light load without too much disruption.

wget: unable to resolve host address - LinuxQuestions.org

Dns. Resolve Method (String).NET Framework (current version).The Resolve method queries a DNS server for the IP address associated with a host name or IP address.

hostname - Unable to resolve host name on certain ISP

Browse other questions tagged windows-7 wireless-networking dns or ask your own question.

FG200B Unable to resolve hostname | Fortinet Technical

This will append a line to your hosts file that will resolve the current hostname to 127.0.0. Unable to access Windows files using Linux.That would already be easy with two servers and source control.The title shown by your terminal window would need to be reset, and I doubt that ssh checks routinely if the hostname has changed (why should it, a hostname is supposed to be permanent).

PCH A210 "Unable to resolve host name" | AVForums

Solved: Onboard Android - Unable to Resolve Hostname

So we rename the html directory the service gives us to a version directory like v1.1a and create a symlink to it named html.Unable to Reach a Host or NetBIOS Name Cannot Connect to Remote.

[Ubuntu-Users] Unable to resolve host by name - qnalist.com

If you know what your nameserver should be...

Dns.Resolve Method (String) (System.Net) - msdn.microsoft.com

If the host name ping fails and the IP. if the server cannot resolve the name,.

unable to resolve hostname | Fortinet Technical Discussion

I have already tried changing the authentication settings, used open DNS servers but to no effect.

I am trying to bring a Java app up inside of an AWS ECS container and Java is unable to lookup the hostname.

DNS can't resolve hostname; nslookup can - Server Fault

Unable to resolve hosts supplied by local DNS s

Try editing the.vnc file to replace the host name with the IP address.

Fix Failed To Resolve Hostname Verisign (Solved) - pcdir.net

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